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Holistic Estate Planning

A Team Approach

Life is complicated. You've worked hard to acquire and build a nest egg to provide for your future and that of your family. The goal of estate planning is to create a comprehensive blueprint for protecting and managing your assets to help you continue to build for and protect your future. For these reasons estate planning is a multidisciplinary endeavor that in order to deliver a high-quality plan requires a coordination of efforts among your financial advisor, tax advisor, insurance provider, legal counsel, and sometimes medical professionals. Put another way, estate planning is a team sport.

Determining who needs to be on your estate planning team is dictated in large part by the type of assets you own, what you're looking to accomplish, your overall net worth and your family structure. For instance, if you own multiple businesses/properties, your estate planning team may need to include stakeholders from each business as well as the professional advisors for each. Alternatively, if your estate is primarily comprised of investments held in qualified retirement accounts, it may only be necessary for us to work with your financial advisor to put together an estate plan tailored to your needs.

We routinely work with all types of professional advisors to provide sophisticated estate planning services, and we would be honored and excited to join your team and prepare an estate plan specifically formed for you situation. Give us a call today!

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